1. I was sorry to hear of Sister Dorothy’s passing. I cannot begin to tell you the impact she had on my life. One of the great honors of my life was being asked to come and sing for one of her last jubilees. It was Sister Dorothy who first encouraged me musically and she and Sister Aurelia, also of happy memory, are the two people who inspired me musically. Now 25 years as a Director of Music and Liturgy in the Archdiocese, there is not a liturgy that goes by, or a time when I sit behind a keyboard or stand to sing a solo, that Sister Dorothy does not come to mind. There is a prayer she taught me that I say each time before I play or sing. “Come Holy Spirit, into my heart, my mind, and my voice to lead others to you.” Thank you Sister Dorothy for your encouragement and example.



  2. Most amazing and inspirational instructor I’ve had the privilege of knowing. As a 13 yr old “know it all” she had me belting out “On Eagle’s wings” with all my heart. Amazing woman!



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