Thirteenth Station


Artist: Sr. Benedicta Ha, CDP

Am I prepared to let go of everything I ever wanted so that God’s will can come through me in another guise?

As an Easter person, sit alone with a cup of tea and cultivate a sense of freedom from the need to know anything about tomorrow.

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Decimotercera Estación


¿Estoy preparado para dejar ir todo lo que siempre quise de forma tal que la voluntad de Dios pueda venir de otra forma a través de mí.?

Como persona pascual, siéntate solo con una taza de té y cultiva una sensación de libertad de la necesidad de saber algo sobre el mañana.

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  1. As suggested, I sit alone with a cup of tea, contemplating freedom and letting go of things and events. Several of my friends were diagnosed with COVID yesterday.
    The chain reaction of quarantine restrictions necessitates letting go of plans. In gratitude for my health, I seek the presence of Christ via the Stations , Good Friday service and Community at St. Mary, Our Lady Queen of Families. I pray for all of my sisters and brothers carrying their crosses of loss, hurt, betrayal and alienation.



  2. ..La Luz que Brilla de lo Alto está en Reposo, está en silencio…
    Muchas veces en mi oscuridad busco esa presencia del silencio de Jesús en la Cruz, de su compañía a la Sombra de la Cruz. Que mi corazón sea como El abrazo de María que acoge el cuerpo de Jesús envuelto en sabana limpia.

    The Light that Shines from Above is at Rest, it is silent…
    Many times in my darkness I seek that presence of the silence of Jesus on the Cross, of his company in the Shadow of the Cross. May my heart be like the embrace of Mary that welcomes the body of Jesus wrapped in a clean sheet.



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