Twelfth Station


Artist: Sr. Benedicta Ha, CDP

This station brings us face to face with the finality of total loss, emptiness, defeat. Paradoxically, it is at the same time a call to proclaim that death is not the final obliteration, but a passage to newness.

As an Easter person, find an object or moment that is like an empty nest. Reflect on that reality as an opening for new life.

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Duodécima Estación


Esta estación nos pone cara a cara con la finalidad de la pérdida total, el vacío, la derrota.  Paradójicamente, es al mismo tiempo un llamado a proclamar que la muerte no es la destrucción final, sino el paso a la novedad.

Como persona pascual, encuentra un objeto o momento que sea como un nido vacío.  Reflexiona sobre esa realidad como una apertura para una nueva vida.

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  1. We all look forward to little things and big things. Often we forget that the little things, when they are unattained, can feel like a small death. But we believe that I Provident God never leaves us without the opportunity to choose hope. This hope leads us to look forward to new life every day.



  2. As a very dear friend of recently deceased Sr.Leticia Plasencia C.D.P, i think of the quote of
    St.John Chrysostom “S/he whom we know is no longer where s(he) was before. S(he) is now wherever we are” I indeed miss “Letty” very much but this helps me to know this truth of memories and presence are still very much alive. Sr.Jo-Anne Faillace,OP



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