December 21, 2021

This original painting seems to be lost at present.

Artist/Artisto: Roberto Ferruzzi (1854-1934)

This image is popularly known as “The Madonna of the Streets”, however it was not originally intended to depict the Virgin Mary.

Of particular interest is the young girl’s face. She wears a gold colored headdress, which provides a contrast to the blues, grays, and dirty whites of her clothing and that of the child. The whole piece suggests hardship. At the same time, the child is safely and comfortably asleep.

How is today’s image/reflection a “window” into the mystery of the Incarnation?


21 de diciembre de 2021

Esta pintura original parece haberse perdido en la actualidad.

Esta imagen se conoce popularmente como “La Virgen de las Calles”, sin embargo, originalmente no tenía la intención de representar a la Virgen María.

De particular interés es el rostro de la joven. Lleva un tocado de color dorado, que contrasta con los azules, grises y blancos sucios de su ropa y la del niño. Toda la escena sugiere dificultades. Al mismo tiempo, el niño está durmiendo de forma segura y confortable.

¿Cómo es hoy la imagen/reflejo de hoy una “ventana” al misterio de la Encarnación?

One Comment

  1. The reflection on the painting speaks of hardship…and yet the child comfortably sleeps. It speaks to me of the importance of love above all else…and of immigrant children who may not have much, but when they have their mother’s love they are happy and at peace. Today I pray for all immigrant mothers and their children that God will send help to them, protect them, and give them peace.



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