1. I remember Jean Louise from when we first started celebrating together as provinces, beginning in 1976. She always had a beautiful smile and greeted us warmly on those days of celebration. She was a woman who suffered in her life and therefore had great compassion with others who were suffering too. A good and faithful servant. Rest in peace, Jean Louise!



  2. Sr Jean Louise was very good to our foster children. She and Sr Michael Marie used to cook a meal for our house at least once a week in the early days of the ministry. We were so grateful and they were so generous! Later we used to rely on the prayers of Jean Louise when she was in St Joseph Center. She was very good and filled with compassion for others. May she enjoy eternal life.



  3. Sad to learn that Sr. Jean Louise has died. I shall always remember her for her eagerness to serve others. Despite physical infirmities, she most often thought of others before herself. I am sure her reward in heaven is commensurate with her many years of being of service to others. My sympathy to the community and her loved ones.



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