1. Sister Phyllis, my grade school principal k-8. I came to you in confidence, in misbehaving, and in being corrected by you. God knows you were a mighty force. You made our beautiful school feel safe and well cared for. God bless you and your family. Wrap them in love and comfort. We will carry you on eagles wings. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜‡β™₯️



  2. Thank you, Phyllis, for making Providence more visible in our world by your Gift of Presence to so many children in your ministry of education. Additionally, you were a Providence Presence to your family and to the people in Monroeville. May you now live in the loving embrace of our Provident God.



  3. I still remember when I interviewed for a position at James Lavelle. When Sr. Phyllis called to offer me the position, she’d said what stuck with her was that I’d asked her to just give me a chance. It was my first teaching job and Sister had a long list of displaced teachers to consider. She said that she remembered when she’d been given her first chance. She wanted to be that person who did the same for me. I will be forever grateful to Sr. Phyllis for giving me the blessing of teaching at such an amazing school until sadly, it closed in 2005. She was a supportive principal and always so kind with the children and had a wonderful laugh. I am saddened by Sr. Phyllis’ passing, but know that she is with our Lord. I will always remember you fondly.

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  4. It is not surprising that almost all the photographs here of Sr. Phyllis show her broad and welcoming smile. That is how I will always remember her. She loved her children and loved preparing them for the sacraments. She loved her community, she loved her family, but, MOST of all, she loved the Lord. I am saddened at her death, but I have no doubt that that smile went with her to heaven, where she waits for the rest of us. I express my sympathy to her family and to the Sisters of Divine Providence at her loss. May she rest in peace.



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